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February 2022

As part of the #FlopNotCrop campaign, we became aware of some, at best questionable breeding practices, at worst criminal ones.

In addition to our concerns, the popularity of “designer dogs” has generated a dramatic increase in canine fertility clinics in the UK. The link between fertility clinics and puppy farming is not too difficult to see.

We are delighted to confirm that we shall be collaborating with Naturewatch Foundation on their campaign to highlight and address illegal activities and acts of animal cruelty being conducted by these clinics or breeders #CanineFertilityClinic.

We should also advise that the term “canine fertility clinic” implies a very clean, professional activity, behind which some hide the brutal cruelty they inflict on dogs, in the interest of maximising profit!

We whole heartedly echo the warning from Naturewatch Foundation, if you are buying a puppy, take extreme care to ensure that the breeder is using ethical practices. Any quality breeder will not object to you raising questions, they should welcome them as the unethical breeders are damaging their reputations.

Our immediate aim is to raise public awareness and understanding of the reality of canine fertility clinics, which we know may be disturbing.

The campaign is in its infancy but, keep watching as your help will be required.

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