This campaign was started by Sir Bruce Forsyth and is run by his daughter Debbie.

They are campaigning to make it law to scan and check microchip ID to reunite stolen dogs, cats and horses.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a way of identifying and returning lost or stolen pets? Many of you will have had your dog chipped in accordance with provisions of the Microchipping of Dogs Act 2015. Many of you may be surprised to learn that whilst you are obliged to have your dog chipped, vets and rescues are not obliged to scan those chips on presentation of a dog. 
Crazy isn’t it? We think so too, therefore we have added our support to Debbie Matthews and her campaigns in connection with this issue which are twofold. 

First there is the lack of any obligation to scan. The only guidance given to vets is alarmingly a suggestion that “best practice” would be to scan a dog on presentation. An obligation to scan would identify the dog and registered owner. This would lead to reunions of lost or stolen dogs. 

Secondly there is a larger issue of there being a lack of a central database that can be checked. Currently there are 13 different companies providing pet microchips and there is no facility to share the registration information that each chipping company holds. This is a misnomer and has already been proven to be possible without risk of any GDPR concerns.


Consider car insurance - how many insurance companies are there who provide car insurance? You will rapidly realise that if you are subject to a vehicle check by the Police, they are able to check all those companies for valid insurance within minutes from a central database. This database contains the most basic of details confirming name, address, make of car and whether valid insurance is in place. 

We would also add that it is vitally important that pet owners keep their details up to date with their microchipping company. Yes, there may be a small administration fee to do this, but we think this small fee is worth every penny. 

The previous petition ran for 6 months and gathered 112,225 signatures.

Here is a link to the new petition for a single microchip database -

Here are some more reasons behind why the microchip system is flawed