24th February 2021

The new petition is LIVE!!! Here is the link - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/574305.


The initial #FlopNotCrop petition closed on 6th February 2021 having gained 45,160 signatures.


What do you see when you look at puppy pictures? A bundle of clumsy, cute fluff, with big brown eyes? Maybe those cute little pink puppy paws and stubby little tail? Or is it those uncontrollable, velvet like ears? Imagine looking at those puppy images with a different perspective, imagine looking at those puppies thinking how do I make them look perfect and suit my public image?

One of the most common and disturbing fashion trends is ear cropping. There is absolutely no medical reason to crop a dog’s ears. This painful procedure is driven entirely by the desire of an owner to create or maintain a certain image.


Ear cropping, as a procedure, is unlawful in the UK. What is not illegal is the importing of dogs with cropped ears. This would include transporting a UK puppy to a country where ear cropping is lawful and then returning it back to its home. Some people will actually transport a puppy to a country where it is also illegal to crop ears, this further compounds the problem because once the puppy returns to the UK the police in that country can’t prosecute the offence.

There is a reason ear cropping was banned in the UK, the procedure is totally unjustified. It is not a medical need for the dog and it is certainly not done in the interests of their welfare.

When Jordan Shelley approached us and asked us to support his campaign, we did not hesitate.

Jordan is a dog trainer and animal welfare campaigner, his words "This cruel and barbaric procedure has been outlawed in England since 1899, it's time to close this 121 year old legal loophole."