January 2021

Dr Dan has launched a new website with all the details of his campaign - do go and have a look 


A quick scan of any media platform will highlight the prevalence in cases of pets being stolen.


The #PetTheftReform involves the third petition by Dr Daniel Allen campaigning for change in the law to make pet theft crime a specific offence with custodial sentences.

The petition ran for 6 months and gathered 143,633 signatures.

The petition was debated on Monday 19th October where every attendee acknowledged the devastating impact of this offence. Disappointingly the DEFRA Minister, Victoria Prentis MP, whilst appreciating the campaign concerns, confirmed that the Government were not minded to create a new offence. 


Instead the Minister suggested that this issue would be better addressed through the Ministry of Justice and by a review of the Sentencing guidelines. Tom Hunt MP was able to confirm that he has started discussion with the Lord Chancellor to progress this line of approach. 

Whilst we were disappointed that the Government do not support the campaign’s main request, namely to make pet theft a distinct offence, we are pleased to add our voices in support of the campaign and the call for the reclassification of pet theft as a category 2 offence in the Sentencing Guidelines.  

pet theft reform.jpg