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Following on our success with Amazon we are asking for your help with Goggle shopping, even though it is illegal in the UK they are still directing people to sites to buy these kits, one of them is based in the UK - YNR Instruments. Please copy this letter and send to Google at


Dear Google,

I’m writing to you to share my concern that you are pointing your UK customers both via Google search engine results and Google Shopping results, towards cropping tools when the act of cropping a dog’s ears is illegal in the UK. My worry is that by pointing your customers toward these products on other sites you are helping fuel the illegal mutilation of dogs here in the UK, which is not a great look and morally questionable.

The number of tools available varies dependent upon what is listed on various other sites at the time of searching and I have put a few example pictures of products below.


































































Google Screenshot 2021-02-06.jpg

After being contacted Amazon have managed to completely remove all the cropping tools that were on their US site, that were previously available and with shipping to the UK, I would like to respectfully request you stop pointing people in the direction of these clamps and any cropping kits immediately too. I would also kindly ask that when searches are made from the UK such as: Cropping Kits, Dog Cropping Kits, Puppy Cropping Kits, Cropping Tools, Dog Cropping Tools, Puppy Cropping Tools, Ear Cropping Kits, Ear Cropping Tools, Dog Ear Cropping Kits, Puppy Ear Cropping Kits, Dog Ear Cropping Tools and Puppy Ear Cropping Tools that your customers are not pointed towards any such products.

This letter originates from a UK Non-Profit called The FOAL Group (Focus On Animal Law) and I am aware they would very much like to offer their services to help you ensure that none of your UK customers are being sent to these products that are fuelling illegal activity. They can be contacted on:


Thank you for taking the time to consider this request,

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